The person behind the craft

With my two hands I've lived a hundred truths and created more than I could have ever imagined. I've cradled both of my newborns, caught numerous animals and found them forever homes, and slayed virtual foes of all shapes and forms in video games. I create potholders, blankets, coasters, clothing, and many a meal. I've always judged myself by the deeds I've accomplished and the objects I birthed into existence. I forget that I'm a person too.

Many moms and artists seem to forget that we have to care for not only our tools and creations, but also our sanity. In the end I cannot afford to burn out. If I really love all that I care for I have to start by caring for myself. Without me what would my kids, pets, and family do?

This is just a daily reminder that YOU matter too. All of the good you're capable of isn't possible without you. Keep on keeping on.


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