What the Hell is Wrong with Me

As far back as I can remember I've been in pain. I can recall all the times I looked at my mom and said "Mama I don't feel well." I know everyone gets sick, but I don't remember very often feeling well. Just a short list of my childhood illnesses and complaints: Asthma  Chronic Sinus... Continue Reading →


Shame on this Mama

I honestly have to say I need to practice what I preach. I am a good mama. I recently got through Bug's IEP meeting and his Pre K graduation. I've made sure he went to his end of year field trip. I spent my last few afternoons home with Toots just us time. Cuddling and... Continue Reading →

Myself for Once

I know I post a lot about Bug with all of the things going with him and for him. I have an Toot post in the works as well. But lately I've been working on bettering my mental state which pre dates my little ones. I have had anxiety as long back as I can... Continue Reading →

Autism Mom Life

I was fated by destiny to be the mother to a creative, active, intelligent, and unique whirlwind of a little boy. Before I even knew his diagnosis I knew he was special and one of a kind. I always thought outside of the box and was very empathetic. Nothing has changed about my son since... Continue Reading →

How parenting has changed me.

Becoming a parent is definitely a huge milestone in a person's life. You shift from being number 1 in your life to taking the back seat. You learn what is really of value and importance. Friends come and go as your priorities shift. You adapt and it changes you, as a mom physically, but mentally... Continue Reading →

Logic vs. Anxiety

Every individual and each couple has a unique approach to parenting. To anyone who has met Jack knows his approach is logic, mine is worry and anxiety. I think good parenting is a combination of both. When I'm overly anxious and worried Jack steps in with a logical answer.

Daily Life

Every single day I try to wake up and start anew. To start with a fresh slate mentally and set small goals and tasks for myself to keep from being overwhelmed. Some days I do well and others I get anxious and overwhelmed quickly. For a long time I internally doubted my parenting and decisions.... Continue Reading →

Holy Hell its been crazy for us!

Since Bug has been officially diagnosed as Autistic our lives have been a roller coaster. I've spend numerous hours on the phone between getting him in school, therapies, and applying for assistance. We've had many hurdles we've overcome with him, but also some difficulties. I feel like for every step forward we take one back.... Continue Reading →

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